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Discussion on: What's the difference between NodeJS and DenoJS?

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ender minyard • Edited on

Ryan Dahl created both Node and Deno.

JavaScript is an interpreted language (there's a great Code Newbie podcast episode about this). Modern JavaScript engines use just-in-time compilation instead of being a mere interpreter of the interpreted language to improve performance. A JavaScript engine is the thing that executes JavaScript.

Node's JavaScript engine is written in C++. Deno's JavaScript engine is written in Rust, a newer systems programming language with some security benefits C++ does not have.

Those are the lower level details, but if you're not a systems programmer you might be wondering what any of this means for you. Deno has a stricter security model than Node, which can be a benefit for end users of your program but you may find this frustrating as a programmer building applications on top of Deno.