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Discussion on: I’m Kyle Lee, iOS Engineer and Instructor. Ask Me Anything!

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Hi Kyle! How do you feel SwiftUI compares to UIKit in terms of how easy/difficult it is for beginners to build a basic MVP (as you mentioned in the episode)?

I’m curious to know how that initial learning curve might differ for folks that are just starting out and aren’t biased towards “the comfort of UIKit”

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Kilo Loco ✊🏽 Ask Me Anything

I personally believe that someone just starting to learn programming should focus on learning UIKit. Most programming paradigms follow an imperative pattern so it's a useful skill to learn.

Additionally, UIKit is built the same way a lot of the other Apple provided libraries, so once you learn the pattern, it becomes much easier to learn the different 1st party resources provided.

Lastly, SwiftUI depends on UIKit for some core functionality still, so you will have to know some UIKit to get things to work with SwiftUI. I think it's easier to start learning one framework, over two, when you're just starting out.