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Discussion on: What are some of the toughest things entering tech?

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A turning point for me was when I "learned to read other people's code". I'm using quotes because it's a very broad/abstract thing to learn to do.

As a newbie I saw most of Open Source projects as magic black boxes that I only imported into my projects, but once I learned to dive into their codebase I started to learn so much from them! Things like how to better organize your classes, new operators (for that specific language) that I never used before, cool/fancy design patterns (like singletons, delegation, etc) and many others. It's all out there and it came from some of the most experienced developers in the industry :)

I'm sharing the Open Source example because not everyone is part of a team where a more Senior developer is able to share their knowledge with others. I just wanted to clarify that learning how to dive into a new codebase and start making sense of things isn't exclusive to Open Source, but it's one of the toughest things I've dealt with when entering tech.

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Juan F Gonzalez Author

Thanks for the reply Fernando.
I can relate to that feeling and not only on OSS projects. Sometimes going back to projects I did with other teammates, I look at my code and be like "did I really wrote that or was someone else helping me?"
But yeah I agree, for developers working on their own having a guide to improve their own skills is very hard to find and diving into OSS is quite intimidating at first.

Thanks for shedding some light into this!