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Discussion on: [Keynote] One Rule to Rule Them All: Learning in Public

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Love this idea of learning in public, Gift! It's been difficult for me to do this for mental health reasons, but I'm making progress.

If someone were to create a "today: I learned ..." feed, is it necessary to turn it into a tutorial or could they be summarized tweets or short takes? What works best for staying motivated? What about turning off comments or is the point to interact as well?

When I have tech issues and I ask question on a forum, I usually move on to solve my own issue while waiting on a response, creating sort of a log by posting multiple times. If no one has responded to the original question post, they will usually chime in after they see that I'm working towards a real solution in the thread. If nothing else, I have a record of my solution.

I need to try and use this to learn new things instead of just solve my current tech issues, I guess.

Thank you for sharing your ideas and encouragement!

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Gift Egwuenu✨ Author

Thanks @fizzybuzzybeezy , I understand that and how challenging it can be for you. But there are ways you can still do this. I like the idea of creating a Today I Learned section on your website. It's not necessary unless you want to do it. I think of it a library of knowledge for myself that I can always come back to and if it helps other people that find it then that's a plus.

I think keeping a log of things you learn and adding to your website (i see a good opportunity of automating this) is a good way to stay consistent and to stay motivated you have to keep in mind that this is your way of keeping a log of your knowledge so you don't forget.

Exactly the same way you follow up with questions you post on forums.