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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Next-Gen Inclusivity: How Gen Z Can Make Real Change in Tech

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Hi Haimantika! Thanks for your talk. There are lots of older industries that are interested in recruiting generation Z tech workers to help them grow their careers. They know making an impact on the company culture in terms of inclusivity is an important factor. No one wants to work for at a cringe company, dept, or boss. If you were to speak at a conference of HR executives, where would you direct them to start making sweeping changes? Thank you!

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haimantika mitra Author

Primarily in their hiring process. Most companies where people don't want to join either have a tedious recruiting process or unrealistic demands in the job description. Next I would say, employee treatment, onboarding process also makes a lot of difference. People want to be in the friendly neighbourhood and not somewhere where they feel left out!

This is a very interesting question, we should chat more about this!