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Discussion on: [Keynote] A Fireside Chat with Kelsey Hightower

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Hi Kelsey! Great to hear your talk and background! I had a friend who went the same certification route in ATL around 2001 or so. Small world! His career took off as well. I actually knew several high school class mates who went the certificate route and started their own companies to great success. Definitely the way to go at the time. My path was different, but c'est la vie. All it means, is there are many ways to make it. Like you said in your talk, find a thing and community you like and that will be your cohort during your near-career to lean on be leaned on. Thanks for your insights!

What would you tell someone who's in tech, but feels pigeon-holed in an older area for 15+ years and wants to change into something fresh and new? Thank you!