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Set a Coupon Expiry Date and Time In WooCommerce

Steps to setup coupon expiry date and time

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin panel. Click on Marketing > Coupons.
  2. Create a new coupon or open an existing one.
  3. Under the β€œGeneralβ€œ tab, choose the discount type, coupon amount.
  4. Under β€œCoupon expiry date”, click on the box to open the date selector and pick a date.
  5. Now under β€œCoupon expiry timeβ€œ, click on the box field to open the time selector. Use the slider to set hours & minutes or directly type the time in the box and click on Done. You’ll have to set the time in the 24-hr format.
  6. Set other usage and restrictions as required and Publish/Update your coupon.

Important to know

  1. Coupon expiry time will work in combination with the Coupon expiry date. If the Coupon expiry date is not set, then the coupon expiry time will not be considered for validation.
  2. The field β€œCoupon expiry time” will follow the local time of your website shown under Settings > General > Timezone.

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Set a Coupon Expiry Date and Time In WooCommerce

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