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Discussion on: The Toll On Mental Health From Searching For a Job! Especially an Entry-level or Junior role.

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FURGIE 📸 🧖🏾 Author

Completely agree! Just got ghosted this week as a recruiter reached out for a job I applied and said let's have a chat, I gave my time and dates and absolutely no response, its been a few days now

The rejection emails are very much we are moving forward without you. No reason why or explanation really.

So yeah - absolutely dislike it. But have to remain positive, be optimistic and hope for the best

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Andrew Baisden

Hate when the happens! I think a big part of the problem is that some recruiters just send out a generic message/email to dozens of candidates. So you think you are just one of a few being shortlisted when in fact they are talking to hundreds of candidates. Its easy to spot a spam message on LinkedIn though if you put a emoticon in front of your name and then you get a message that is like...

"Hi 💻 Andrew,

Hope you're well,

I am working with a Government Team who are upgrading their flagship website and need a frontend developer to join the small team."

If it was genuine and personal then there would be no emoticon 😂

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FURGIE 📸 🧖🏾 Author

Haha the thing is it was sent to my email - and looked very much directed at me, but I guess it makes sense that they are sending out to a list of people. It's just very hard mentally and very frustrating and annoying