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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 Cohort 1 "Learn in Public"] Tell us about your "Learn in Public" plan!

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Gary Stroup
  1. What concept/project/series have you decided to take on for the duration of the "Learn in Public" challenge?

I have decided to learn more about CSS flexbox and Grid. So I will be building a responsive website using both of these tools.

  1. Why did you pick this focus?

I chose this topic because being able to build a website that looks great on any screen size is more important than ever these days. Building a responsive website is challenging but understanding the fundamentals of flexbox and grid will make the job much easier.

  1. Why do you think sharing your journey in public will help others?

Having a solid foundation in responsive design will be helpful for any developer learning web or mobile development.

  1. Share the the title you landed on for the series you're going to create as well as the "entries" you anticipate creating/tackling.

Series Title: Build an responsive website using CSS Grid and Flexbox

Entry 1: Part 1: CSS Grid vs Flexbox...What's the difference?
Entry 2: Part 2: Create the landing page
Entry 3: Part 3: Build the athlete's profile card

The theme will be inspired by the 2022 Winter Olympics. The website won't be a complete website but just a partial website. I just want to introduce the concepts and provide a "real life demo" since the scope of this series is on responsive design.