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Another Vue Cookie Banner Component


Website without Consent Banner, is that possible?

This question is easy to answer. Yes. Please note that you will then only use technically necessary cookies. However, as soon as you go beyond technically relevant cookies, you must inform your visitors about such and allow them to accept or reject them.
You beat several benefits from using a Consent Banner. Here are the most important ones:

  • Legal requirement - You comply with the GDPR and country-specific laws with a well-designed Consent Banner.
  • Transparency - You build a foundation of trust between your company and your visitors, or customers.
  • Data quality - In return for your transparency, you receive important data for your user-level analyses.

Depending on the industry and sector, the opt-in rate varies between 30% - 70%. Additionally, the following factors determine the opt-in rate to cookies:

  • The purpose of the website
  • The visitors to the site
  • The location of the users
  • The country in which the consents are collected (different regulations)


How to: Design a successful Consent Banner

Any cookie consent banner should comply with the legal obligations. Therefore, a brief but concise information about what happens to the data that is collected. If in doubt, discuss the issue with your legal department and find the basis for your banner.
The visitor should give consent briefly as follows:

  • Voluntarily
  • For a specific purpose
  • After sufficient information
  • Unambiguously The cookie consent banner or consent form should give the visitor the option to reject cookies just as easily as to accept them, or to ignore the banner completely to avoid cookie walls. Technical cookies are not covered by the consent requirement. Furthermore, it is important to offer visitors access to the privacy policy so that they can inform themselves at any time and change or revise their decision.


While working with Vue I noticed that there is not much choice of. Therefore I decided to start another small project. Suitable to the #Hacktoberfest you can also participate.

The component is released under the MIT license and will be offered as NPM package soon.

I would be very happy to see one or the other of you as a contributor again.


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