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Discussion on: I’m Farhana Mustafa — Software Engineer for Intuit. Ask Me Anything!

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Thanks for doing this AMA, @fmustafa17 !

In the show, you mentioned that what initially appealed to you about programming was the rumor that it requires a lot of math skills (and that you love math). What would you tell folks that are interested in a CS career based on their love of math? Is that a good enough reason to pursue programming?

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Farhana Ask Me Anything

Thanks for the question Gracie!

I would say if the person likes to problem solve things like a mathematical equation or a puzzle, then CS is definitely worth looking into. Especially the job market right now is very in demand for people who have CS skills.

I feel a passion for math is a great parallel for having a passion for CS due to the analytical thinking and problem solving.