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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Inclusive Web Development

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hi Clifford! I noticed that you are a GitHub Campus Expert as well as a Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador. Can you explain both of these programs during your panel later today?

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Clifford Ouma Author

Hi Gracie
Yes. I answered it in the panel session. But I'll still share it here for those who might not have heard the panel session.

  • GitHub Campus Expert program is a community of amazing students all around the world who are passionate about building great communities. Communities are the heartbeat of tech. They build capacity, nurture talent, and provide amazing experiences and collaborations. It is because of this that GitHub stands at the forefront of supporting them through GitHub Campus Experts. So as a GitHub Campus Expert, you get support and training from GitHub to grow and support communities around you and their activities. You can find more about the program using this link:
    Applications for new GitHub Campus Experts open up in August.

  • Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador(MLSA) program. MLSAs are students interested in building their tech skills and teaching others. They evangelize about tech and become agents of change in their communities. They learn through a wealth of resources to skill up. Once you learn, you now share and teach others around you and on your campus; you organize events and share content and resources with your peers. All this is done with the help of the Microsoft team. So they got your back. To learn more, check this link:
    Applications are always open and reviewed on a rolling basis

I'd be more than happy to help anyone applying to the programs. Just reach out. My DM is always open