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Discussion on: Finding a tech job worthy of my time and energy ....

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Greg Thomas

Getting that first break into tech isn't always that easy. I did contracting for a few years as a junior, had a full-time job and then moved thinking I'd pick something up in a few weeks in my new city.

I was out of work for 6 months.

In the end, I took a job as source control admin because I thought if I could get my foot in the door that way, I could wow them with my other skills and get some additional project work that way. It only took 6 months, but I was back to coding full-time.

There are many paths that can get you there. It's hard, but thinking long-term is what helped me get through it.

Yeah, there are some meat grinders out there, definitely stay away from them - sorry to hear your experience has been tough so far.

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FURGIE 📸 🧖🏾 Author

Thanks for this! Definitely appreciate the tips here - I just have to stay optimistic and keep trying, even if I can get my foot in the door in another role :D