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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Next-Gen Inclusivity: How Gen Z Can Make Real Change in Tech

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haimantika mitra Author

Everybody has their own way to success - if social media is too much for you, you must have other things that you are great at! Have your tried writing a blog? Or maybe recording a tutorial?

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Michael Tharrington

Really appreciate your thoughtful reply! I totally agree with you that there are many ways to success.

To be honest, I am actually not a developer, but a community manager at DEV. I should've provided a bit better context! 😅

I do write a blog posts on and it's super rewarding. But I also often find that after a full day of interacting there I'm just a bit spent on other social media and so don't participate as frequently. I feel guilty about it, but after I'm off the clock, I just really like to get away from the screens.