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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Alejandro Espinosa

Hello, there.
Just found this on my feed, and went head first because i want to be a better developer.

  1. What has Worked:
    • The projects were interesting, and I learnt or applied awesome skills.
    • Keeping a clear vision about the project and my goals.
    • Being open to alternatives to the way I do things.
  2. What didn't work:
    • Life happens, there are unexpected events, and I let the projects to gather dust.
    • Sometimes I overestimate my productivity in a length of time, hence I tend to have very big scopes.
    • There are some projects, that I associate with external measurements. When those measurements drop, I tend to feel unmotivated.
  3. Long term goals: To have a kickass portfolio, and being able to release developer tools, and a commercial product (either a game or an app).
  4. Short term goals: To create a coding habit, be able to choose better scopes, and complete a couple projects for my portfolio.