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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Inclusive Web Development

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TJ Phan

I think that your talk about web accessibility is so important to bring more empathy to our world. What inspired you to focus on this aspect of the web? Voices from those who benefit from accessibility designs seem to be a very marginalized community, so where could one find their voices and connect with their stories?

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Clifford Ouma Author

What inspired me was that after about a year or two of doing frontend web development, I felt that II needed to see things from the user's side. So I pivoted towards User Experience design. There I learned more about empathy, and user research to better understand things and met accessibility for the first time. Now in my UX design journey, a11y was emphasized and I got curious about it. After all, UX is all about the user so they had to emphasize inclusivity and a11y. This was contrary to my engineering journey. Here a11y was only mentioned once in a while.
So I did what I do best, followed my curiosity, and came to find out that a11y is in both worlds; engineering and design. I decided then to learn more about a11y and evangelize it to the engineering world.

To the second part of your question. I believe everyone has a story to tell. So the best way to find these stories is through interaction with others. Join a11y communities, listen and talk to others. Sure enough, you'll get some amazing & diverse insights and stories