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How Creativity Presents Itself in the Field of Marketing Today

What characteristics define creative marketing? Which comes into play more frequently, imagination or innovation? Is it more accurate to call a creative marketer an artist or an entrepreneur? The phrase "marketing creative" has traditionally been used to refer to the written content and visual assets that are used in advertising campaigns. However, much like other aspects of running a business, marketing has grown more difficult and demanding. Data analytics, the customer experience, and product design are three important areas that marketers need to know. Do these shifting responsibilities necessitate a fresh approach to the creative problem-solving required in marketing?

In order to investigate this subject, we spoke with senior marketing executives from a wide variety of well-known brands. When we asked them for instances of creative marketing that went beyond ad campaigns and delivered genuine benefit to the company, they provided some great ideas. Their experiences, along with the five overarching patterns that they each embody, serve to highlight what it means to be a creative marketer in the modern era.

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