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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] There's More to Open Source than Code

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Ramón Huidobro

TJ! Please be my friend too!

Ooof this is a good question, and something I've been wrangling myself.

Over time, I've had a growing belief that for better or for worse, there is no optimal path to learning tech that applies for everyone. It takes (self) discovery to find one that works for you.

Going about non-code contributing open source by doing things that I felt comfortable doing throughout my journey has helped me meet others and collaborate accordingly.

One thing that worked for me early in mine is to not get stuck in tutorials, always thinking I had to keep learning before I could get out there and try things. I started with fun little projects, just for me, mostly for a lugh, just to learn to get stuck. And goodness me, did I get stuck, a lot!

Maybe it could help to reframe and think of open source contributing and self-studies as one and the same? Put out some stuff there!