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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] There's More to Open Source than Code

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Ramón Huidobro

Thank you so much, Pablo!

This is a really good question that I'm unfortunately not fully qualified to answer, as I'm living in Europe, but I'll try my best.

I can only do my best to reflect the best values of the community so that people on my level of privilege can be uplifting, welcoming, inclusive, and not gatekeep others, and minimize harm.

There are exemplary people and communities out there doing work beyond. For example, there's Pachi (did you see her talk? It was outstanding):

In the Developer Relations world, there is a growing Spanish-speaking community of folks supporting each other:

All in all, I have to continue to listen, learn, and use my platform to amplify others. As Scott mentioned yesterday, lend my privilege!

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Pablo Hernandez

I really appreciate your opinion and honesty. It is an honor to hear from you and your positivity, Europe must be an amazing time for developers. I assume that GDPR is the norm for many of your frameworks and policies. Thanks for the resource to the community through that twitter link, I 100% agree that the community should be welcoming, uplifting and inclusive. Here in the U.S. I have not come across groups that have Latino Leadership, I am looking for a grassroots org that welcomes all.
Indeed, lend a privilege...