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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] There's More to Open Source than Code

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Ramón Huidobro • Edited

Oh gosh did I say fluently? I mean Spanish is my first language and my English is good enough I'm told, but my German is... even okayer haha!

I've been fortunate to be able to work with German-speaking clients during my time as a freelance software dev, realising being able to leverage my skills in communication with clients (and not having to write text in German) meant that I could collaborate without much issue and without the need for perfect grammar.

I have more recently started exploring the Latam world of sotware development advocacy. I've recently been working on a "Fundamentos de TypeScript" (TypeScript Fundamentals) course in collaboration with Escuela Frontend:

When it comes to Developer Relations in Spanish, I'm very eager to recommend their Twitter community:

They host a Twitter Space every two weeks exploring the world of Spanish Developer Relations, which has been amazing to watch!

Doing so has been a positive challenge. Being able to connect with people from different parts and gather insight as well as perspectives on issues faced by developers has been beneficial.