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Discussion on: Iā€™m Cassidy Williams ā€” Developer Experience Engineer & Content Creator. Ask Me Anything!

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So cool you're doing this AMA. I saw you at the Next.js conference last year and your badass interactive story. Your newsletter is great too.

Anyway, was there ever a point where you felt actually incompetent? I don't mean imposter syndrome or whatever, I mean, how do you work through your actual lack of knowledge or incompetence of something? I'm 5 months into my first job frontend job (yay), and I know I'm doing the best I can, I know I'm improving, but I'm not a natural at programming, and am factually and objectively just not very good at this. There are times when I know I should be thinking more critically about a problem, asking more questions, etc., but I can't seem to make any statement with confidence. My knowledge is just not there, and I don't have a natural ability.

I know your background is totally different, but maybe you still have some advice.