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Discussion on: Hi, We’re She Code Africa & We’re Excited to Connect with You at CodeLand 2022!

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Hussain Codes

I graduated from Uganda in an I.T degree (and there were CS and Software Eng. students in my class too) but unfortunately it was quite evident that the number of female classmates was significantly lower :-(

I believe that the work She Code Africa is doing is very impactful and essential in promoting more females in tech especially in Africa🌍

The number one piece of advice I'd give to a young person learning to code is to find community. Learning to code can be really hard, frustrating and it's easy to give up but with a kind & supportive community💞 you can get through to the other end and have access to opportunities to break into tech. Especially with the many problems we face in Africa like electricity, internet, resource access and fewer career opportunities it is even more important to find a community to hang-on to during those times when you almost feel like giving up.

Kudos to communities like Open Source Community Africa (OSCA) and She Code Africa for creating platforms that support devs on our fantastic continent❤

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Omotola Eunice Omotayo Author

Thank you for your kind words, @hussain_codes