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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Start Coding" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Darryl Le Roux

Hey all.
As someone who is looking to change careers at almost 40 years of age, the anxiety is extremely weighty at this stage in your life. "Will someone hire me at my age?", "Will I be able to complete this?", "Will I be able to actually retrain my brain to think in a different way?" All of these are questions that I keep on asking myself - which eventually causes a mental roadblock when studying.
I plan on using these resources to try and drill it down, that with enough practice in the right environment, it can be possible.

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Rina Florijn

Almost 40? Young pup! I'm turning 41 in 3 weeks time! ;-)
I share your worries though and am mighty happy that I am single and am only responsible for myself. I tend to remind myself that every little step you take is still a step further towards your goal than doing nothing at all. It also makes me feel less bad about myself on days where I don't code at all but am only reading articles or watching videos about coding.
Good luck with the challenge!

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Amaechi John

Sure it's possible

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Jozi in the house. I feel you. The sheer breadth and depth of "programming" is kind of mind blowing! We can just go one day at a time and slowly start to see things click.