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IP2World: The Referral Program is now online, call your friends and get free IP rewards together!

The IP2World Referral Program does not require any payment, and you can easily earn commissions by using the IP2World webpage.

Referral Program User Guide:

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Enter the IP2World official website, register an account and enter the Referral Program page
Here you can find the exclusive referral link you created

Place your referral link on forums, social media, and other platforms (wherever purchases may occur) where IP Proxy users are resident

Then go back to the Referral Program page where you will see all the data about the referral

Referral Rewards:
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Referral Rewards:
When the referee registers successfully, your account will automatically receive 5 IP rewards
When the referee makes the first order (eg: purchase 200IPs), your account will get 200*10%=20IPs. The referee will get 200*10%=20IPs
When the referee completes the second order (eg: purchase 500IPs), your account will get 500*20%=100IPs and the referee will get 500*16%=80IPs

In addition to the referral program, we are recruiting resellers for long-term and stable cooperation.
According to the monthly transaction volume and number of customers you bring, we will customize exclusive Discount Codes and provide surprise pick-up prices. If you are interested, you can contact us through Telegram:@ip2worldcs.

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Official Website:
This concludes this introduction. For other IP issues, please join the official Telegram channel @ip2world to check the latest updates or contact customer service to solve them.
Business cooperation contact: Telegram@ip2worldcs

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