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I, QUIT...

I, Quit

I recently starting my programming journey (April 10th) after a friend of mine showed me a program he created. It peaked my interest and I had some free time so I decided, to try HTML/CSS. I went onto the FreeCodeCamp website and started in their HTML/CSS section. 28 hours later, of course with breaks and sleeping in there, I finished what they had to offer minus the projects. I was hooked, I needed more. So I found more, after doing research on a rough pathway to becoming a full stack developer I picked up the Headfirst HTML/CSS book. Unable to put it down, working through it on all my breaks at work, and anytime I had on the weekend I breezed through it. Upon finishing, I began creating my own website so I can blog about my journey. In the last two weeks I've crunched some numbers down, quit my gov. job, enrolled in a boot camp, and fully pursue this as a career. Man I'm probably in over my head but I have the discipline and drive and I'm going to "brute force" my way in, learning about coding. I'm excited, terrified, motivated yet precautious about my journey and decision but it has already been made.

I'm going to code.

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Best of luck in your coding journey!

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Thank you Monique!

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Abaraoha David