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Discussion on: The Toll On Mental Health From Searching For a Job! Especially an Entry-level or Junior role.

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I couldn’t agree more with this. I recently had to step back from social media and all job search related stuff. I was losing it mentally and just spiraling into a depression. Between being ghosted and getting no feedback from phone interviews even when asking. The process is truly broken. Especially at the junior level. I could understand at the mid to senior level throwing some algorithm expectations if that applies to the position. From what I have seen and gotten from developers and engineers I have reached out to, algorithms were weighed heavily in their interview and then their role has absolutely no need for algorithms. The hiring process for tech needs a complete overhaul and a set standard for each level with only tech stack specific questions relating to a position added if need be. Companies want senior developers but won’t put any effort into making a junior or mid level into a senior for their company. It’s sad to see so many talented junior level developers get shunned because of lack of experience. Truly hurts.

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Sending you all the love and positivity!

Perfectly said, definitely hurts and the whole process needs an overhaul. The lack of hiring opportunities for junior roles as well as traineeship for them is very hard on people who so badly want to get into the industry, show of their talent and just work on some amazing stuff