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Discussion on: Making a Done List

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@mistydb I greatly enjoy the "Done" list - too many things get done in a day, but often all I'm left with is fatigue and no idea what I did. Fast forward a few months and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. However, for learning programming I track my progress in a spreadsheet to record what I did and measure against my goal for the year.

Your CSS art looks awesome!

Last week I was excited for the Splatoon 3 demo on Saturday. Coding-wise, I made the commitment to start learning less and doing more: I'm going to spend one hour a week "in the books" and two hours working on projects. And I'm excited for that this week :)

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Thanks, @jacobvarney . Your progress spreadsheet is such a great idea and looks very helpful! I especially like the graph so you can see your progress compared to your goal at a quick glance. Keep it up - you're doing awesome!