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How to Get Powerful Testimonials for Your Business Website

Have you ever checked any website’s testimony? If you search for any website having a business WordPress theme and offering services to the customers, then you will many testimonies on their website which are done by their users.

The question that arises is ‘What is Testimonial’ and ‘How can any business website get a powerful testimony? The users often get confused between testimonials and reviews as they are both different things and have different purposes on the website.

Testimonials are like public endorsement which is done to attract customers and also make customers appreciate your website which is related to business only. On the other hand, the review is something that is indirectly connected to your business and managed by any third party.

So, let’s find out the methods to get a powerful testimonial on your business website.

How to Get Powerful Testimonials for Your Business Website?

Getting a powerful testimonial on your business website with a business WordPress theme helps in getting customers and also make the new users believe that the business website is legitimate.

With the increase in online scams, every genuine business website is putting its testimonial at the front to give confidence to the users.

Therefore, if you want to get a powerful testimonial for your business website, then here are the things that you should follow:

1. Offer Free Gifts And Giveaways
Who doesn’t like gifts and giveaways? After opening your business website with a business WordPress theme, it’s better to create a special discount or offer for the 100 customers or time-limited which makes the users run towards the website.

It is also important to make sure that your website doesn’t have any logging errors or problems with the help of cloud logging analysis. You can ask the customer to write testimonials after ordering the products for more benefits.

Same way, if you are planning to launch a mobile application, then you can offer free trials to the customers or offer referral codes so that they can transfer the apps to their friends which eventually increases your website’s score.

After giving the free trial to the customer from your business website having a business WordPress theme, you can take a survey and take the answer from the customers related to the application.

2. Reward Customer Reviews
The best way to improve your website testimonial section is to get more and more reviews and to get the reviews, you can reward the customers accordingly. You can put different rewards like a giveaway contest which includes giving a testimonial video to the website based on a business WordPress theme and the best video will get gifts and offers.

Another way to implement the rewarding reviews system is to bring out the loyalty program or improve the existing one which makes sure that every customer gives their testimonials to the website.

It will increase the website’s engagement and also the customer thinks that their reviews are valued which often improves the trust factor of the website with every customer.

3. Use Twitter
The Social Media platform is a powerful tool that is useful for every business website and business WordPress theme as it helps in gathering customers and also improves the profitability of the website. if we talk about testimonials, then Twitter is a great platform as anyone can write their views regarding the website.

The testimonials on Twitter are considered genuine and it would be a great advantage for the business website as Twitter is a social media platform and every post will reach hundreds of people.

Therefore, with positive testimonies about the business website, it would be beneficial for the website as the users start thinking that the website is genuine and have promising results.

There’s an option on Twitter regarding searching the testimonials in the Twitter archives using different tools like Snapbird,
TwimeMachine, and BackTweets. You can take a screenshot of the testimonials and put it on your business website as proof.

After knowing the importance of testimonials on any website and especially on business-related websites, the above points will help you gather the trusted testimonials of the customers to improve your business. With all the positive testimonials and reviews, you can take your business to a new level.

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