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Discussion on: [#CNC2022 Cohort 1] "Start Coding" Welcome Thread

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Jason Daniels

Hello everyone! My name is Jason and I am excited to get started with the Start Coding challenge. I decided to participate because I've always tried coding alone, and not with anyone else to support or motivate me. I am hoping I will be able to break the cycle of tutorial hell and get through to more productive learning.

I'm excited that I don't feel like I'll be doing this alone. I'm hoping I can be involved in the community and for that to help motivate me. I'm also planning to tweet out daily thoughts and ideas over at jdanielsdev on Twitter.

I'm nervous that I will fail again. But I've failed so many times, what's one more?

I am fascinated about how coding can break all limits. If you think of a tool that would be useful and none exists, make it. If there's something that can't be done, code a way to make it possible. Coding has broken so many limits in the past.

Here's to a great #CNC2022!

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Kierra Miner

So relatable! We're all going to see this throug

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Alexis B

Hey Jason!! I completely get the fear of failure, but at the same time, if you've learned something new have you really failed? :-) I look forward to seeing succeed in the upcoming weeks!!

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Kingsley Odibendi • Edited on

Nice write up Jason!πŸ‘πŸΎ
Who knows, one more could be that break out you desire!

Rooting for you mate!

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Kathy Maloney

Hi Jason, great to meet you and I just started following you on Twitter!

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Jeffrey Seda

Pleasure to meet you Jason! I look forward to seeing your journey as the weeks go by! I will follow your twitter so I can see your progress. You got it this time man! Lets do this!

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Andrea M.

Excellent and relatable post! Looking forward to seeing all of us get the most of this challenge!

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Hello Jason, this time is the charm! I am rooting for you.

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Chris Miles

This is really relatable Jason.

Most of my existing (small) coding experience is from having a problem I needed to solve at work - bolting together VBA snippets copied from StackOverflow and the like to automate things in Excel, working with SAS statistical analysis and SQL because someone at work felt I had enough experience because of the aforementioned VBA, writing HTML and some (ugly) CSS in an attempt to make SharePoint pages slightly more engaging. Every attempt to translate those snippets of learning in the past have failed - partly because of the lack of a problem to solve, mainly because of allowing myself to get frustrated and bored, and of course because of my amazing ability to judge myself harshly for not learning something immediately when I haven't even allowed myself time to digest it!

Hopefully having likeminded people around me will assist to make this time different.

Let's go #CNC2022

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Abaraoha David

Same boat here!
Tutorial hell has me on a loop, but i hope this challenge brings an end to it.
I'm rooting for you too!! ✊