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Discussion on: Hi, We’re She Code Africa & We’re Excited to Connect with You at CodeLand 2022!

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Sharon Jebitok

Everytime I see the name or brand SheCodeAfrica it reminds me 2020, when I was starting to learn how to write how to code and one of the communities I joined was SheCodeAfrica. Later on that year I got a chance to mentor girls who were on Javascript beginner's track it was an humbling moment. I made alot of friends through the communities and I'm always proud seeing members of SheCodeAfrica. I was part of the first cohort of SheCodeAfrica's contributhon program that happened last year, this week one of the ladies who we attended the program together reached out in regards to a project they're working on and its been a year since we talked but it reminded me the power of networking and being in a tech communities that breaks especially being from Kenya and she's from another African country. SHECODEAFRICA LFG🙏🙌💪🏿🚀❤

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Omotola Eunice Omotayo Author

Thank you for sharing your tech story. Sure, it will motivate #CodeNewbies here.
We are happy to have been part of your success story.