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Discussion on: Hi, We’re She Code Africa & We’re Excited to Connect with You at CodeLand 2022!

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Emmanuella Sule • Edited on

My number one piece of advice i’d give to a young person learning to code is to find a tech community and become a member. This will help set you right in your tech career goal and highlight each next step you need to follow. I say this because, for the first 18 months of my tech career I was basically moving in circle. This was because I was self coding, and did not belong to any coding community. But now I'm a member of SheCodeAfrica, ingressive4good and many others and that has impacted so much to my tech journey

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Omotola Eunice Omotayo Author

Thank you for sharing these kind and inspiring words, Emmanuella
For Code Newbies thinking of how to grow in tech communities, we shared this interesting piece from our NUR