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Discussion on: I'm Saron Yitbarek, Founder of CodeNewbie — Ask Me Anything!

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Jess Lee

How did you get into software development?

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Saron Yitbarek Ask Me Anything

I got interest in coding when I was working at startups and felt like what the developers were doing was so much more interesting than the business development stuff that I was doing. I also felt like as far as career planning, there was more of a future and job security in being a developer. But it took me a few years to ultimately make the switch and learn to code full-time. Before that, I tried a bit of the Intro to Programming course on MIT Open Courseware, which intimidated the hell out of me. It was really discouraging and delayed my entry to coding by a few years because it just made me feel like I couldn't do it and that coding wasn't for me. But I tried again, thanks to Codecademy and a few other platforms like Treehouse, that made it way more accessible. And now I'm here!