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Tracy Chou to Speak at CodeLand 2022!

This is so exciting!

[Keynote] Musical Lessons for Engineering Teams: Developing a Culture of Feedback Cycles

I know! With two kids, I'm shocked you were even entertaining...

[Keynote] Musical Lessons for Engineering Teams: Developing a Culture of Feedback Cycles

I loved your talk so much! I'm also a piano major -> softw...

I am so ready to get a job. #CNC2021


I’m Kristen Palana, Teacher, Author, and Artist. Ask Me Anything!

What's your favorite travel hack?

I am Timo Sarkar founder and lead dev at the Onsu programming language. Ask me anything!

What do you hope to accomplish with Ōnsu that other languages...

I’m Danielle Adams, Node.js Language Owner at Heroku. Ask Me Anything!

Why did you decide to pursue a masters in CS?

3D toggle Switch for Dark/Light Mode

Hey there, would you consider embedding your video here inste...

Welcome Thread - V2

Hey everyone!! Welcome to the community :)

I’m Kyle Lee, iOS Engineer and Instructor. Ask Me Anything!

When would it make sense for someone to build in React Native...

I’m Tommy MacWilliam, CEO & Co-Founder of Serenade. Ask Me Anything!

What computer science topic do you recommend all non-CS major...

How do you unwind after a long coding session/day of learning?

I like to cook! It helps get me away from the screen and usua...

I’m Ben Halpern, Creator of Forem. Ask Me Anything!

What was the hardest programming concept for you to wrap your...

CodeNewbie Writers of the Month — January 2021


I'm Saron Yitbarek, Founder of CodeNewbie — Ask Me Anything!

How did you get into software development?

What do you wish senior developers knew about being an early career dev in 2021?


First post!

Whoo! Good to see you here :)

Welcome Thread

What does your Twitter bot do?!

Any recommendations for SwiftUI and iOS development bootcamps?

@fdoxyz got any suggestions?!

Announcing Our First Writing Contest!

Looking forward to reading everyone's posts 🎉

Welcome Thread

Hi Chrissie!

Welcome Thread

Gooood luck!!