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Don’t stress growing as a Developer

Everyone starting out in this profession is grasping for a positive answer to this ever-present question – Am I a senior developer yet?

Of course, we all want to become more than just good at the things we do, and which inspire us on a daily basis. Everyone wants to be the one in the office who seems to have the answer to everything and is considered to be the team lead or technical lead or something else along those lines. But please, do not stress yourself to become the greatest your company has ever seen.

Appreciating your opportunity to observe

I believe that the best part about being a junior developer is not having to worry (too much) about things. You can make mistakes, observe the solving process of a more skilled developer than you are right now, and learn. Of course, you will always learn new tips and tricks through out your entire career as the development of technology is not standing still, but you will have less time for that and also expectations towards you will be significantly higher. Try appreciating this time and work your way up step by step.

Don’t believe everything they say

There are (a lot of, I may add) people out there who will tell you the wildest stories of them always being as great as they are now, but honestly – I don’t think so.

Everyone had to start somewhere, and nobody was born with the concept of object-oriented programming encoding in their brain like the ability to breathe, although not everyone will admit that (especially to a junior). I know how frustrating it can be if people start comparing your skills to someone else’s, for instance. Be aware of your strengths, but also don’t forget your weaknesses.

But also: Don’t get stuck

It is your time to fail, to make mistakes and learn. But this should not be your free pass to just throw all your ambitions out the window and be happy with your junior state until you can retire. It is your reminder to let things happen in the pace you feel most comfortable with and you feel the most progress happening.

Don’t underestimate the value of experience. Schools and courses are great and all, but being able to take your time and think through problems with not too much pressure by yourself or even others will teach you things that you won’t learn anywhere else.

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