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A coding maintainable life balance

Programming is like solving a puzzle or building a structure, you would never be bored if you are a creative type of person who loves to get involved with the building process and the final result but sometimes it turned into a frustrated and exhausting process but never forget that programming has to be fun, free to be, inspiring and simple. Fun to build, free to choose a way to solve a problem, inspiring to do the best we can, and simple to implement.

Despite some programmers saying that coding is always a frustrating, stressful activity, it doesn’t! All human activities have a part of that, n’ coding it’s not the exception but its a beautiful experience like make a great dish for a passionate chef or execute a surgery for a talented doctor and when it turns into a stressful activity, take a break, get a cup of something, make a draw, express yourself in other ways, listen to some music, play a game, take a short walk, n’ go back later it helps, sometimes pushing n’ again, isn’t the correct way, programming is, first of all, a creative process, get used to it to see it in that way.

Nowadays is very common to wrap this beautiful activity with money/project deadlines, pay bills needs, but is necessary to give its time and space for our brain to processing and get the best results and most important a coding maintainable life balance.

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