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Discussion on: [On-Demand Talk] Docs For Equity - Teaching Our Way Out Of Impostor Syndrome

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Jürgen Hermann

I now read "'the' tech industry" in 3 or so of today's talk descriptions. Are you aware there is some cultural bias here, and globally there is not "the" tech industry? Though some of the problems are universal, even those have different grades and flavours across the globe.

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Julia Seidman Author

That's an interesting point. I'm curious how you would frame it. Saying "the American tech industry" acknowledges my bias, but doesn't feel accurate either. I speak some Spanish, but not enough to read documentation. It does feel like language necessarily limits the scope of the community you can reach with a given document, but I'm not sure how individuals could really address that.

I'd like to think the power of a CRT approach is that it implicitly addresses this problem by encouraging every writer to be thoughtful about their bias and worldview. But I fully acknowledge it's an approach with limitations!