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Joe Tallman • Edited

Hey CodeNewbies -

My name is Joe and I’m a bit of a late bloomer. I’m 35 and currently working as a City Carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. I like my job enough and I make a pretty decent living, but my dream has always been to work in tech. Specifically to build things that matter. I tend to gravitate more towards the inner workings of technology, so I have a feeling I’ll find my home working more with the back end, but I’m still new, so we’ll see!

Currently I’m taking the Python TechDegree course from TreeHouse, in hopes of giving myself a solid foundation in the language. I considered other options, but I needed something with a little more structure to get started without the price tag of a boot camp. But I plan to continue my journey with other resources once I earn the TechDegree. I’m really liking what I’ve been seeing over at DataCamp. And I’m also planning on deep diving into some front end stuff too.

I’ll try not to write a novel here, but I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi! I’m an avid listener of CodeNewbie and all of Saron’s other podcasts as well. My favorite thing about CodeNewbie though is (and I’m not kidding) every time I have a question pop into my head during an interview, it’s literally the NEXT question Saron asks the guest. Like every time. And I really appreciate that. CodeNewbie has pretty much been the most helpful resource for me as I start my journey. Can’t say enough good things.

Anyways, nice to meet you all and glad to be here. 🙂

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hi, Joe!! So glad you're here! And SO glad CodeNewbie has been a helpful resource for you so far. Happy coding!

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Joe Tallman

Thank you! 🙂