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I'm switching careers from an EFL teacher in China. Still working at being able to write JavaScript without tutorials

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Hi! We’re Microsoft Azure and we’re proud Patron Sponsors of CodeLand 2022

Thank you for the direction! There are so many technologies t...


Hi Kacie! Happy you found the community!

[On-Demand Talk] Accessibility is Not a Mystery

Can you recommend a screen reader we can use to check our sit...

Hi! We’re Microsoft Azure and we’re proud Patron Sponsors of CodeLand 2022

Hi! Happy to see Azure here. I'm a JavaScript developer, well...

Hello! Ionic is excited to join you at CodeLand 2022!

Excited to see Ionic here! I'm building projects with JavaScr...

Hey, CodeLand! We're GitHub and we're honored to be a Patron sponsor of this year's event.

Awesome to see GitHub sponsoring this event! I love the plat...

Hey CodeLand! Sema Software would love to connect and talk about your accomplishments ⭐

Great talk! I loved the idea of an accomplishment journal. I ...

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 13

Yet Another Markup Language. Then YAML Ain't Markup Language

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 12

Tim Berners-Lee

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 11

A moth... I'm pretty sure!

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 10

Kinda a trick question, because I'd think fox and it looks li...

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 9


[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 8

Flyology about her study of birds and her findings, when she ...

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 7

10 days... wow! And 10*10*10 to master!

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 6

Kay McNulty, Betty Jennings, Betty Snyder, Marlyn Wescoff, Fr...

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 4

She invented the illusion transmitter and is really smart, be...

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 3

perceivable, operable, understandable and robust

[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 1


[CodeLand Digital Scavenger Hunt] Question 2


How did you realize you wanted to learn to code?

I had been teaching English in China and let my visa expire, ...

What's your non-coding superpower?

I'm fairly proficient in Photoshop; I learned on a free Chine...

[On-Demand Talk] I Think, Therefore I Code: An Introduction to Pseudocode

How did you get the syntax coloring for pseudocode? The color...

What talk are you most excited to experience at CodeLand 2022?

I've attended a few other online tech conferences before, but...

Where are you attending CodeLand 2022 from?

Sarnia, ON, Canada

[On-Demand Talk] Redefining Your Programming Purpose

Thanks for the great talk! It's so inspiring to hear how mult...