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Jonathan Yeong Author

Yeah! I have a lot of ideas about time management.

Here's a brief overview of what I do:

  • Timebox - I'll set a specific amount of time to work on coding or writing. Having a timebox works for me because I'm really bad at estimating how long a task takes.
  • Batching - I'm starting to batch work like writing outlines on posts, brainstorming side project ideas, or checking emails. Batching works to help minimize disruption of deep work like coding.
  • Planning and reviewing my week - I'll come up with a loose plan of my week on Sunday. This plan helps me allocate time for side projects I want to work on, any content I want to create, or random other tasks. And reviews help me figure out process/change things if needed.

Hopefully, these tips have helped! Time management also depends on your personal style and the types of tasks you're working on.

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Ya, these are great ideas, and I like the terms you use! I want to become more structured in how I use my time. I generally like to work on something for as long as possible, to get in the 'zone', but you can easily lose track of time. I don't write down a loose plan as much as I should, it would definitely help me to do that more. Time flies way quicker as you get older!!! 🙃