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Discussion on: 'Hello World" after 30's

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I totally get what you mean, fred! I started learning web dev myself last year. It's been a very confusing journey trying to figure out my path as well, but watching web dev learning path videos regularly helps keep me focused and know what to work on next. Traversy Media and a few others just came out with their new 2021 versions on this topic. I think you are on the right track, it sounds like you got a great foundation in JS and that will really help you learn React. Although there is plenty you can do with vanilla JS and html/css, the tools provided by a framework like React take you to the next level with more complicated projects and will translate to many other different technologies. If you haven't already, build a full-stack website, like a online store or blog with authentication and database. That will, of course, help you learn both front and backend. Also, if you haven't already, work on that resume, build a portfolio, make your github look nice with's on your repos, and maybe start applying already and get paid while you learn! p.s. You're english is great
some youtubers that help me find my way, and a lot of them respond to comments or questions quickly:
Traversy Media
James Q Quick
Ben Awad
Stefan Mischook.