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Discussion on: CodeLand 2021 Hallway — Day Two

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Jessie Rohrer

I never had Twitter before I started coding, and it has been a great resource. I've found lots of people sharing their learning in the form of cheatsheets, videos, and other resources. I think if you curate it to be coding-centric, it will not be a waste of time.
I never was able to completely give up my social media, but I have been more careful about curating my accounts, making sure I'm following people who create content I find value in and taking advantage of algorithms that want to show me more content based on that.
And if I find myself wasting too much time with social media, I will use timers to control how much time I spend scrolling and reading every day, which allows me to stay connected but still get stuff done. I can't speak for iphones, but my samsung comes with a lot of options for controlling how much time I have certain apps open, and that has been really helpful.