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Essential Soft Skills for DevOps Engineers

"DevOps is about connecting people and departments closer together" declared in the TechTarget report, " 6 DevOps Soft Skills and the Ways They Help to Ensure Success." It is another way, DevOps roles can be as interconnected in nature as technical.

It is important to understand that the DevOps culture is one of collaboration and collaborative, which means DevOps engineers require soft skills in addition to technical expertise to excel in their roles. Some of the soft abilities that successful DevOps engineers must possess are:

  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration skills
  • Self-organization skills
  • Skills that are based on a customer-focused mindset
  • Mentorship skills
  • Skills for commitment Most of the time the soft skills are acquired in the workplace. In certain instances soft skills can be learned from IT certifications and DevOps Engineer Course.

3 CompTIA Certifications That Offer DevOps skills

Are you prepared to gain the DevOps engineer skills you require? If yes, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Linux+, and CompTIA Cloud+ can help.

CompTIA Security+

After COVID, cybersecurity has been more important than ever for IT professionals because of the increase in remote work. Data security is a crucial element of DevSecOps which is why all DevOps engineers must have security capabilities. CompTIA Security+ provides these abilities.

CompTIA Security+ certification is the initial security certification that a potential candidate must be able to earn. It covers topics like the following:

  • Design and Architecture
  • Threats, attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Operation and crisis response
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
  • Implementation Security is a must for DevOps. This is the reason CompTIA Security+ is perfect for people who wish to be able to secure an DevOps engineer job.

CompTIA Linux+

Linux as well as DevOps work hand-in-hand. As an example for example, the DevOps method works perfectly and is compatible with Linux containers. This is not the only reason for why CompTIA Linux+ is a great resource for IT professionals who are who are involved in DevOps. CompTIA Linux+ is a comprehensive exam that covers subjects like:

  • Automating scripts, containers and automation
  • Security
  • System management
  • Troubleshooting These skills are directly related to the DevOps capabilities mentioned above.

CompTIA Cloud+

Another certification that demonstrates DevOps expertise includes the CompTIA Cloud+ certification that equips IT professionals with the expertise needed to build and operate the security of cloud-based environments. The certification exam covers subjects that include:

  • Cloud design and architecture
  • Support and operations
  • Cloud security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cloud deployment DevOps engineers need cloud computing expertise. They must be able to automate and deploy secure cloud environments to ensure the continuous availability of systems for business and data. They can learn these skills through CompTIA Cloud+.

Learn DevOps Engineering Skills from CompTIA Training

Another method to develop DevOps capabilities and comprehend what goes into the DevOps process is to take part with the CompTIA training. CompTIA provides a variety of training options that are suited to all learning styles and needs. Through CompTIA training IT professionals who wish to work in DevOps are not just able to develop crucial DevOps abilities, but they will also be prepared in preparation for the CompTIA certification exam.

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