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Install SQLite On Windows For Beginners

Howdy, In This Article We Will See How To Install Sqlite On Windows OS.

Installing Steps

1- Go To Sqlite Download Page And Download

sqlite website

2- Now Extract The zipped File Then Rename The Extracted Folder To sqlite

Folder Content

3- Move The sqlite Folder To This Path C:\Program Files

You Can Put The Folder At Any Path You Like!

4- Open Windows Search And Type Environment Variables Then Click On It, And Add The sqlite Folder Path To The Environment Variables Path By Clicking On Environment Variables > Choose Path > New > Paste The Path > Ok.

Adding Path To Environment Variables

You May Need To Restart Your PC If The sqlite Didn't Worked In The Last Step.


Verifying The Installation

Let's Make Sure That sqlite Is Installed And Working Properly.

Open command prompt CMD And Type:

sqlite3 --version
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If You Got This Message Congrats! Installation Success:

verifying installation

That's All, Thanks For Reading.
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