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Kat Fay

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Beginner coding & the anti-perfectionist challenge: Day 0

So, like many closet nerds around the world, I’m learning to code.

I guess ‘closet nerd’ is not entirely accurate … my childhood obsessions included The X-Files, Myst and The Lord of the Rings. Yep, I was the student scrawling the entire Rhyme of Rings onto the bottom corner of the whiteboard before homeroom started. Ironing prints of the Doors of Durin onto t-shirts for friends’ birthday presents.

Nope, strangely enough, I was not a popular teen.

But looking back, it was inevitable this would happen. I grew up on and loved Macs (hellooooo Kid Pix (not a name you’d get away with these days), Lemmings, Prince of Persia!). I still love sci-fi and still feel awed looking at pictures of space and space travel (while understanding none of the specifics or physics).

So at some point it was probably inevitable I would try to learn coding.

I’m starting with front-end web development. It seems like html5, CSS and JavaScript could be a fairly user-friendly way into the world of coding. This is what I gather from listening to tech industry professionals talk about their journeys on the (fantastic, encouraging) podcast CodeNewbie, anyway. Though I’d love to hear from people who have found their way in through different tools or langauges ⬇️ 💬.

Anyway, for me, this post is to mark Day 0 of learning in public.

I’m going to journal the little and big things I learn, and how I do it.

Okay, ‘blog’ is more accurate but saying I will ‘journal’ makes it feel more exciting. As though, to continue the Myst theme, I’m an explorer noting down new discoveries in a red leather notebook (IYKYK).

An opened, old journal with handwriting filling both pages.
Source: lostinmyst tumblr!

It’s a little daunting. Most my work has usually involved scanning for and preventing mistakes, at all costs avoiding sounding like a novice … so I’m thinking of this as the anti-perfectionist challenge.

After all, richer learning happens alongside other people and often progress comes through, or after, moments of failure. And at the very least if I share the resources I find, hopefully down the track another newbie finds it helpful.

So, Day 0 is on paper! Into the ether! No going back, now 😬.

I’ll be reporting back about my experience with the the first week of SheCodes Basics.

In the meantime, here is a picture of my little man for your viewing pleasure:

An adorable, young black Scottish Terrier sitting down in a paddock.
Duncan is pondering the long road ahead: learning to code.

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alaztetik profile image
Alaz Tetik

Hello Kat,
I recommend you a book: Overcoming Perfectionism (by Shafran, Egan, Wade).
It helped me a lot and has a scientific background.
I can share you a PDF of the book, just let me know.
Kind regards

katfay profile image
Kat Fay

Thank you so much for reading and for recommending the Overcoming Perfectionism book, Alaz! This is definitely something that sounds like it will be helpful on the coding learning journey 🤣 I'll be looking it up for sure.

dennistobar profile image
Dennis Tobar

Nice to read your statement. Keep going, this is the kick-off of a new adventure. Don't be shy to ask if anything is broken: just keep going, ask for help and try to focus to learn one thing at time.

katfay profile image
Kat Fay

Thanks for reading and chatting Dennis ☺️. And for the advice. Focussing on learning one thing at a time sounds like it will be difficult but really helpful!! 🙏🏻

comfydork profile image

😂 love it that Duncan is thinking about his future too. You can do it Kat!

katfay profile image
Kat Fay

Hahaha @comfydork, Duncan is always thinking about his future (kibbles, plays and walks) 😂 Thanks for reading and for the motivation 🙏🏻

juanfrank77 profile image
Juan F Gonzalez

Go for it Kat, you got this!

katfay profile image
Kat Fay

Just seeing this cheered and motivated me to much, Juan - thank you ☺️ ☺️ ☺️