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Asking For Advice!----I would like to create a program that automatically tells me when a meteorite will occur in my area

Hi guys, I'm currently a sophomore high school student who is about to major in engineering (but actually I'm not sure yet). It was last time when a meteorite came across the sky and I didn't get any info about it, so I completely missed it. When my best friend in middle school texted me about this, she just kept talking about how impressive the sky was. I feel really disappionted to miss such an occasion. Thus, I decide to create a program that will inform me when a meteorite will occur. But as in sophomore year our school just began to open AP Computer Science A programs, I don't hope to do anything with java. I did just fine on python and C++ as I got a silver on USACO (I almost got a gold), but web scraping was just a bit beyond my skills (though I could self-study it). Do you have any advice? Please feel free to talk.

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