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Jacob, thanks for the introduction. I admire people that are not scared to work with VLOOKUP. Sadly, I'm not one of these people 😅

I see that you know Python. Have you tried different programming languages?

I'm interested in how you decided to start writing a book. I have some similar ideas in mind too, but I keep postponing them for the future when I will be a "better expert" in the field. How do you handle this problem?

BTW, I like the book title.

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As the... data engineer-type person (?) for my larger team, I do a lot to help manage and organize some of our data stored in Google Sheets and deal with other people's data in Google Sheets. I live and die by VLOOKUP and QUERY to make usable views.

I tried Ruby when taking a Coursera course and trying The Odin Project once. Other than that, I haven't ventured far beyond the Java and C that I learned in college and Python.

I'm actually only reading the book :) I like the idea of writing, but haven't quite made that leap to "think out loud online". I also feel like I need some expertise, but my studying is making me think that I could just summarize what I'm learning in writing to get my feet wet.