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"A reflection on my CNC2022 Code More journey"

Name: Lesley

Title: Freelance Web Designer-Developer

#CNC2022 Cohort: 1

"Code More" Goal: My goal was to get a portfolio website setup and study for a blockchain developer certification.


Hi I'm Lesley and I've been learning to code for a couple of years and now I'm studying to be a blockchain developer. I would start a project and another project and another without ever finishing one. My mind was just scattered in different directions so I thought the "Code More" challenge might give me some direction.

Mission 1

The first mission was about defining our goals and assumptions, then finding out how to minimize the risks.

I guess the first one is always the hardest but right off the bat, I realized probably my biggest problem. I was assuming I would find time to study and build enough confidence to take the test.
I listed ways to make time for coding like after my family is asleep etc. but I wasn't accounting for what to do if I don't understand something or what to do if I can't complete projects due to this.

I want to code more because I want to be a blockchain developer.
A pretty good way of knowing I reached my goal would be to get certified....

Assuming I learn and practice enough to feel confident enough to take the test.
And that's assuming that I make enough time to study properly.

Mission 2

Mission 2 was about breaking down tasks and scheduling work hours.

Ok so while breaking down my tasks, I decided to focus on something more tangible, not just studying and learning. I focused on finishing a couple of simple outstanding projects and my portfolio. It went great! I used the online "Tweek Calender" and although at the time I worked on this Mission, I didn't get my projects finished, I did finish them shortly after.

Here I was trying to finish a simple project I started a while back, but was unable to at this time. I used 'Tweek Calendar'. Its very simple and its also a task planner app.


Mission 3

This Mission was about improving our tools and project tracker, scheduling work hours, and updating/changing our tasks if needed.

Now I decided to make it a point to finish everything I start before starting something else. It helps to keep my mind focused on one task and it actually gets finished that way. Who would've thought? When I worked on this Mission, I made a portfolio website, but I needed to correct some errors.

1.Tell us what you plan to do differently in your next coding session.

I plan to find additional resources that can help with testing websites on different sized screens. I also have to correct some mistakes on my portfolio due to these screen sizing issues.

  1. How is your coding momentum right now? Give us an update on how you're feeling.

Well my goal was to get my portfolio website finished and I guess I've technically done that except I have to correct the errors. I should have tested it on all screens before posting it I guess, and I shouldn't rush into another project without making sure the current one is done properly. Assuming I can do this without too many problems, then I would say my coding is going good.

Mission 4

In Mission 4, we took a step back to revisit our goals.

My goals are more or less still the same, but with added "rules". Rules like finishing a project before starting another, use tools for testing, and dedicating work hours to specific projects. What was missing in my coding goals was focus and time management, and that is what I am adding going forward.

  1. Do you feel you are making progress towards your longterm goals?
    Yes I do. I would say getting a portfolio site together is progress for sure. Yay!

  2. Tell us about any changes you want to make to your coding plan.
    I'm going to take a beginners course on databases. I know, i know, it sounds totally boring and I hope I can get through it but instead of jumping to a totally different area I'm gonna try and strengthen the skills I already have. Plus pretty much every area needs a database at some point so it will be beneficial regardless.

Sticking to it

I plan to stick with scheduling work hours and dedicating time to certain tasks. I'm also going to break down my goals into tasks.

Biggest Challenges

The hardest part for me was the beginning. My mind was scattered in different directions and on different projects. So actually writing down goals and assumptions was pretty challenging at first. I wanna learn everything. I would recommend others with this mindset to pick the most important area first and then break that down into things you can actually do to get that done. Be realistic. Small victories are great because they are doable.


My biggest "aha" moment, funny enough, was about scheduling. I never get along with schedules in any area of life. It's a problem. So when I was able to get my projects done after by scheduling work hours, I realized that is how to focus my mind.

Overall Reflections

Overall, it was a good experience. I learned how to focus tasks and actually get things done. It was very nice to see other people going through similar situations as me. It lets me know I must be doing something right.

What's next for me

Now I am taking a class on databases and about to start building a website on Polygon to advance my blockchain skills. If you wanna see the Portfolio website I built during this "Code More" cohort, check it out here:

Lesley Nicole Portfolio

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Ana Vela

Congrats on completing the challenge and your portfolio! 🀩Best wishes with your blockchain studies πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Amazing reflection. Thank you for sharing!

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Kingsley Odibendi

Lovely...keep going!