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Plugin Update Failed… “Download Failed: Unauthorized”

Likely Causes

The most likely cause is that the domain (site URL) from which you are trying to update the plugin is not attached to the license. This can happen, for instance, if you install your plugin to a different domain while using the same license.
It's also possible that your WordPress website is running old versions of OpenSSL or cURL. In such cases, Gomahamaya can't communicate securely and the update fails.

Fixing It

In order to fix the issue, take these steps:

Deactivate and reactivate the license to solve this issue. Learn more: General Support - CM - How to Deactivate or Refresh Your License Details
If you do not have access to the previous server where the license was installed, let us know via a support ticket and we will reset it
If the previous steps didn't solve the issue, speak with your web admin about updating version of either OpenSSL or cURL

Manual Solution

You can always update a plugin/add-on manually. 

Access your customer dashboard and download the latest version of the product. Learn more: General Support - CM - How to Manage Your CM Downloads
From the Back-end, deactivate the plugin and delete it from the plugin lists. Don't worry: this won't delete the actual plugin data.
Install the new version you've just downloaded.
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Plugin Update Failed… “Download Failed: Unauthorized”

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