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Kacie Dearman Ask Me Anything

@mikaylad, well I'm not exactly working on anything right now. I mean, I would like to continue to improve upon what I did for my capstone through the program, but I haven't really had the time to focus on it. I do have a coding challenge for one of the companies I applied to, and two of the questions require technologies I'm not very comfortable with yet. The first is bash, which I do have some familiarity with, but I don't feel confident about it yet. The second is mySQL, which I have almost no experience with. I guess I'm just struggling to figure out what are the best resources with the given time constraints. Not to say I won't continue to learn and strengthen my knowledge with bash or mySQL following the challenge. However, it do kind of need a crash course in mySQL at the very least.

To answer you in a more concise way, I'm actively searching for projects or lessons to practice bash and mySQL, but I'm not actually currently working on anything just yet. 😊