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Discussion on: #CNC2021 "Code More" Pre-Mission Submission Thread

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Luci Temple

Hello, I see some common patterns in the answers - agree with many of you!

What has worked

  • Having achievable goals and a clear plan to meet them. There are various levels of this, from the bigger broader goals, to smaller milestones and tasks that work towards the goal (including setting daily intentions), and the structure to help work through these knowing that if I do A, B and C I will get to D.
  • Having support when stuck (or quality resources) that will help me get unstuck. Ideally people who know more than me, who can jump on a video call to look at my coding onscreen, a second set of eyes; but relevant clearly communicated resources like video walk throughs and tutorials can also be really good (if you can find one that matches your problem).
  • Challenge well matched to skill ability - not trying to do something completely over my head.

What hasn't worked

  • The opposite of the above! e.g.
  • Trying to do stuff well beyond my ability, losing a lot of time, not understanding or knowing how to bridge the gap.
  • Lack of good support or resources, or wasting time with the wrong resources (such as out-of-date techniques and solutions).
  • Indecision and lack of clarity about path forward... particularly when struggling with new concepts, indecision about whether to do more learning/tutorial/walk-through type resources to improve my understanding of underlying concepts versus trying to apply them in practice, and whether to focus on strengthening what I have already learned or learn something new (such as Redux or backend technologies).

Long-term goals

  • Learn full-stack (currently I am a beginner in front-end web development)
  • Build a solid portfolio of projects showcasing skills
  • Secure a quality part/time job at a company with a great workplace culture and support to skill up along a career path.

Short-term goals

  • Become confident with React.js & complete some more tutorial projects
  • Learn basics of Redux
  • Complete 3 sprints of a volunteer web app I am working on (which uses React & Redux).